About Jocelyne Turbett

My penname is Jocelyne Turbett and I live in Italy with my husband and two young adults now leading their own lives away from home. I married my husband in Canada then moved to Italy.. My husband and I have been to Denmark, Sardinia, the French coast, and Austria. We have been around Italy, which is gorgeous to visit. There are so many things to see. We spend most of our vacations, did I say vacation? Oh yes, four to five days at the most in the Alps in a cozy hotel with a Health SPA.

For 20 years, I worked in the family run bakery. Then we switched to my husband’s first love, computers, because he became allergic to flour, imagine that. I learned how to assemble and install software on those computers and how to fix the damn things, it was nerve wracking. I am not a computer savvy anymore and I am glad we sold the business.
Now I help run the family business in a completely different branch, we’re in the engineering industry more precisely a small steel plant. Now I have become a multitasking Mom. I take care of the accounting, logistics. I am the driver that picks up and delivers the finished products, at times I work on the numerical control lathe or hacksaw. 

I have my vegetable garden behind the plant, which is quite handy at times seeing I work there all day. On coffee and lunch breaks I can sneak out and tend to my garden.

On weekends I take care of the grounds, cutting the grass or pruning my shrubs if the deer haven’t taken care of it beforehand. My tulips had disappeared, and one year, sure enough I spotted them munching at my tulips, there were footprints all over the place. So I have now fenced up a small area of the 30 acres of land we have. I hope my little bunnies will not take over the job now that the deer cannot get in. You see, by mistake I left their three story apartment door open and found them hopping around the next day. I felt bad about closing them up again; it was so sweet to see them run around the grounds. For the time being they are eating my lawn which is not too bad. They’re giving me a helping hand.

When I get inspired I paint with oil or acrylics or go to the shed and work on my pottery projects. The only problem I have with pottery is the glaze. I ruin my work. Hopefully, one day, before I get Alzheimer’s I will be able to attend a class in ceramics and learn the tricks of the trade.
In the winter when it gets very cold and I cannot go to the shed and work on my pottery, I sit down and write. Whatever pops into my mind, just any subject I am not fussy. I’m a day dreamer and often get lost in my thoughts.

I forgot to mention our five cats, Willy, Walter, Schifizz, Schizzo, and Giant.
Our three dogs: Chucky, Pixie and Black.
I am a nature and animal lover

I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences and Territorial Management at the age of 44. It was quite the cruise, but I had a ball going back to school. Not so much for the math, who in the world after 20 years still remembers Derivatives and Logarithms we don’t use that stuff every day.
I gave lessons to young children in animal tracking. I am a member of various animal welfare organizations.

About me as a kid, well, we moved around a lot. I was a Tomboy and still am. I passed my summer holidays fishing tadpoles in the swamp and minnows in the river. I went fishing and played with the boys it was a lot better than playing with dolls all day. 

My favorite radio station plays the good old songs from the 70’s and 80’s, funny how old songs can bring you back in time. I often get misty eyes when I listen to certain songs, those good old memories coming back. I think it’s a bad sign, I am getting old, or should I say, be happy you’re still alive and kicking, who cares if you’re a little older.

In bed I always read a few pages of a book before I inevitably doze off.  I’m not fussy, any genre will do just as long as the first chapters get me interested in the subject and turning page after page to see what happens next.

Well this is about it. Oh, I forgot, I share my Blog with Eleanor A Peterson, which is my real name. I have nothing to hide.

You can contact me whenever you want, it would be nice to share interests.