Saturday, April 15, 2017

by E.A.Peterson


Finally, a long weekend. For this occasion, I wanted to introduce you to CUDDLES.

YES, I have a polished MS for early readers about a pet rabbit named Cuddles.

The first draft was slightly over 10K words. The story was too long according to my editor for the age group. I cut out everything regarding Amie that wanted a pet rabbit and ended up with 6K words. It was tough because I loved my original story - obviously.

Now I have Amie and her grandparents as sidekicks and Cuddles as the main character/heroine.

The original book burb was:

Cuddles, a rabbit, has recently been adopted by a little girl, Amie. When Amie goes back to school, she has no time left to dedicate to her rabbit. Cuddles feels lonely as she looks through the wire mesh at wild rabbits running around in the field. She decides to escape from the hutch in search of friendship. She must adapt to her new environment and the dangers it presents. Will Cuddles manage to make friends in the wilderness? Will she survive? How will Amie react to the fact that her pet rabbit ran away?
Now for the revised edition of Cuddles:
A pet rabbit is determined to be free and manages to escape twice. Venturing into the wild in search of friendship she meets wild rabbits, Hopper and his family. Cuddles learns to adapt to her new environment and the dangers it presents. With a sly fox on their tracks, Cuddles regrets leaving her cozy hutch, but becomes a heroine when real danger threatens.

Which book blurb intrigues you the most? Instead of an early reader, could it be a MG fiction? What if I decided on publishing the original version?

I have submitted to various agents, and hope to find a home for my book. I think it’s only a question of time and patience. In case it takes too long to publish my book and before my hair turns gray, I may consider self-publishing. I have a mock-up for the cover and a few rough sketches for the interior. Although I would prefer finding an agent or publisher because self-publishing is a lot of work but not impossible.

Hopper and Cuddles at the pond

The sly fox.

Grandma rabbit waiting for Hopper and Cuddles to return.

This is it folks, just a quick note to wish you Happy Easter. Have a great weekend.

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