Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women's International Day

By E.A.Peterson

I thought I would write a few lines for Women s Day. We deserve to be respected but we must also respect the weaker sex. Yeswomen are no longer the weaker sex. Some women are stronger than some men, even in a relationship. I cant see why they call women the weaker sex - not in the 21st century.

Here is a list of aspects that make us the stronger sex (sometimes):

-          We are versatile.

-          We go to work every morning, BUT, the first rush hour takes place at home. In an hour, we have fed everyone in the house breakfast, prepared their lunch and loaded the dishwasher andand, you know how it is.

-          Our husband has already gone out the door and we get to drive the kids to school.

-          We rush through the traffic to get to work on time, otherwise, the weaker sex could find something to bring us down if were late. We dont want to use the excuse that we had to drive the kids to school and there was traffic etc. No excuses girls. Not if we want to be as efficient as our male colleagues. RIGHT?

-          After a hard days work, we rush out and do the groceries, pick up the kids, rush home and prepare dinner. All the while we listen to our childrens problems, help them with homework, etc.

What happens when HE comes home? Is dinner ready, I had a bad day today. Of course, dinner is ready, and the kids are all sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him to sit down so they can dig into the food. After dinner, the men usually go sit in front of the TV to relax while we clean up the kitchen. Then we give the kids their bath and tug them in for the night.

This was the routine when my kids were still living with us. Now they are grownups.

On the other hand, if women want to be regarded as equal partners to men, they must work harder and not complain. Which is not fair. I know its tough.

We own a family business and I help any way I can.  What do I do? Just anything. I work in the plant. I stand in front of a CNC, in other words, a numerically controlled lathe all day or I work at the industrial band saw. I take care of the accounting and deliver and pick up goods. OhI also clean the office and the plant. Its a lot of work for a woman but if you like your job and especially if you are your own boss its worth it.

I believe that if both parents work all day, both parents or couple must help each other. He can load the washing machine and iron. She can cut the grass. I hate it when I hear my girlfriends say, I dont cut the grass or prune the trees, its a mans job. Then, they complain they are not equal partners to men. Well sorry.

The couple can take turns at various jobs around the house. Wouldnt it be nice if we got home and he prepared dinner, while we put up our feet and watched TV? Some men are better cooks than women and they enjoy it. Let them do it for goodness sake, even if it means you clean up the kitchen afterward. All a couple must do to get along when both have careers is set up the rules in the household. Who does what and when thats it. 
For example, some men may have more time on hand and dont mind bringing the kids to school or washing the dishes. Let him do it.

Its just a question of communication