Sunday, November 20, 2016

Are you an unknown self-published author struggling to market your book?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the marketing process? 

I’ve been there and I know exactly what you are going through right now.

  I have found the answer. If you're impatient and pressed for time you can click here and find out right away. Otherwise, keep on reading.

As a new author, I was enthusiastic about publishing my first novella and overlooked a few important facts I should have considered before publishing my book.

I suggest the following:
  •  Finish your draft and let it sit in the drawer for a month then go back to it.
  • When you read it again, you will probably spot quite a few typos and  realize that your story  is not quite working out, am I right?
  • Re-write it and put it back in the drawer. Work on another book in the meantime and then go back to your MS. Read, read, read, and edit, edit, edit.
  •  When you’ve polished your prose and you feel satisfied with it, send it to an editor, not any editor, but a professional editor for line content, and proof reading. The editor will spot most of your errors, discrepancies in your plot, scenes, etc.

This is necessary if you want to have the best book possible on the market. It must meet the traditional publishing standards, even if you don't go the traditional way.

Now that you have your clean copy of your manuscript what do you do with it?

 If you are self-publishing, be patient because there’s a lot of work ahead and you’ll have to setup a budget for marketing your book, and find a cover and interior designer. Your book must attract your readers. You don’t want to create a cheap homemade book cover. You worked months, perhaps years on your manuscript why risk losing sales when you can invest now and have a chance to compete with other books on the shelves.

What about marketing your book, have you thought about it?

 I think this is the worst part of being a self-published author. I went nuts surfing the web on how to market my books, and lost a lot of writing time by doing so. I found loads of information some good and some misleading. I got on Twitter, Pinterest, and I created a Facebook account etc.

I attended many Webinars and took lessons on marketing and on how to create a platform. Without mentioning the books I bought on the subject. 

Then I read ‘How I sold 80,000 Books’ by Alinka Rutkowska.

It was a free copy at the time so I went for it. I read it in a few days taking notes as I went along. It answered all the questions I had been asking myself for the past two years.

 Should I terminate my contract with my publisher? I wasn’t going anywhere with my books. They were all in the wrong categories and there was too much competition.

 I like to have control and with that publisher I had my hands tied. I couldn’t monitor my sales, I couldn’t offer free books, I had no control over my book website etc. It was very frustrating to say the least. There was no return on investment whatsoever.

Let me put it this way, I am self—employed and I help run our family business, I manage the business, I am the book keeper and negotiate with the banks for the best interest rates and so on.

 I am in other words an Entrepreneur

That’s when I asked myself a question - why not do the same for my books? It’s tough, I know, and not everyone will be ready to commit to such an endeavor, but after reading ‘How I Sold 80,000 Books… I had finally found the answers I was looking for. I not only read the book , I joined AuthorRemake created by the same author. Author Remake is a series of video lessons that you can follow at your own leisure. It is jammed packed with all the information you need to successfully sell your books.

 Alinka holds you by the hand with a systematic method on how to market your books and make more sales. You can e-mail her and she will answer any questions you may have, and to me that's an asset.

 Did you ever hear about the Reader’s Magnet everyone is talking about? This is only the beginning. 

In her book you will also find where to get reviews for your books before you publish, with ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) and how to get in the top ranks on Amazon. The book is packed with a lot of information.

I highly suggest you grab a copy of her book, and judge for yourself.

 I  got rid of the middlemen and will now be able to earn more royalties. After all, I did the hard work, I spent the money and time in marketing my books, why should I share my royalties. I have nothing against traditional publishers, but this time I want to try out this innovative marketing system.

There are a lot of possibilities out there for self-publishers, get out there and do it.

Let me know if this was useful.

Have a great week.