Saturday, September 17, 2016

There is no turning back.

Dear readers,  I have officially terminated my contract with my publisher.

Scary, now I’m on my own.

There is so much work needed in order to self or traditionally publish. The lack of time doesn't help much. I envy authors that can write full-time. 

So here is the last update. 

I would like to advise my readers, that my books will no longer be available on the major distribution channels. (Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bowker Books-in Print, etc.) Some copies may still be available, but for a short time due to the relationship my publisher has with various printers and book distributors.
ISBN 9781504941457 – 9781504941464 Born to Please
ISBN 9781504991001 – 9781504991018 Gloria and Mrs. Tinkelbaum.

The second edition of my books will be available in 2017.

The publishing quest has begun once again. 

The next challenge will consist in updating my author platforms. 

Whoever said that from now on, everything is down hill, was WRONG. To reach the top you have to work hard.

  Have a great week. 

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