Sunday, July 3, 2016

Write from the heart, be authentic, and don’t follow the crowd.

I last posted a month ago.

During this lapse of time I took a very important decision regarding my writing career.


It's time for change.
I will terminate my contract with my publisher and self-publish on Amazon, Create Space and Ingram Spark.
I have had too many unanswered questions and issues that I shall not discuss here.

As most writers know, it’s a tough world out there.

From trial and error, I have learned the hard way a very important fact about being an author in this competitive world. 

Don’t be led astray by listening or believing in people that claim they are experts in their field, especially about self-publishing. There is a vast amount of conflicting information on the web, and sadly, many scam victims as well.

 Do your research beforehand. 

Get references before you accept or sign any contracts to self- publish your book with a company you have never heard of. Many promise the moon, but the only thing you will be left with is an empty wallet.

Check out Writers Beware, or Predators and Editors (warnings) before hanging yourself and feeling sorry for it later.

As for our writing, I believe we must write from the heart and not write what agents, editors or publishers say they are looking for or because it’s what’s selling on the market right now.

I invent my stories from scratch, perhaps something that caught my eye, like a roof rat robbing my chicken eggs for example. It seemed strange to me that the day before there were two eggs in the nest and the next they had disappeared.

I borrowed my brother in laws camera and filmed the thief. The rat robbed the food and eggs during the night. Incredible stuntman, as soon as I figure out how to capture the whole scene and download it on the computer I’ll let you have a peak.

With this said, read many books in your niche, but don’t copy their ideas. Even if you feel that your idea for a story is ridiculous, put it down on paper, get that first draft finished and then put it aside for a while. 

Go back to it a month later and you may be amazed by the results. Then get friends, family, beta-readers to read your work. I have learned that feedback is very important. 

Perseverance and determination will help you reach your goals. You must be patient.

Concluding, I’ll be very busy this summer. I have to manage to get rid of my publisher hoping my books won’t be sold worldwide or worst, offered free on many websites for which I don’t get a penny in royalties.

When I send my publisher the termination letter, it should take Amazon one month to take them offline. As for all the other retailers, it could take up to a year and even so, there’s a good chance I will still see my books listed somewhere.

If I don’t post every week, now you know why, I have a lot of work to do this summer, and this time won’t s***w up.

I will keep you posted. Wish me luck.
Have a wonderful summer.

All pictures in this post are from Pixabay.